This generation is the year for every ‘instant’ – fast food here and instant noodles. I personally believed that it is really an on-the-go meal and is very convenient, but then again.. Let me ask you? Do you ever wonder what does your burger and fries from your favorite fast-food-chain contains in terms of Calories and Fats? No? Err. Then, this is for you..

Lately this year, my mom was found to have kidney stones and high sugar, this is the time my mom really went on diet. Less sodium and less sweets – everything that we spoiled her with such as – chocolates, skippy and everything that she want to. Well, she deserves to be treated like a queen. But yet, we didn’t anticipated the fact that the health is now being affected. And then one day, she was hopitalized and gone several blood tests. And since she was on diet – going organic, going healthy and everything is in control.

Now, since we are surrounded with ‘garbage-food’ – instant meals and fast food era. We tried something that can be used to replace all those harmful condiments. 

Let me share you this, in replaced with those. We tried and invested on spices – McCormick spices in particularly. It comes with different variants and can be used on cooking, you can check on the label at the back of the container so that you know when and what food you can use it. 

As of now, this are the spices that we use for cooking. 👍

Here’s the back of the container:

Use this for roasted chicken and bbq’s on sundays! 💖

At first, it is really quite hard to quite using – soy sauce and fish sauce in cooking everyday meals. But slowly and now eventually we succeeded! 👍

I do believe at first everything will be hard in quiting – but everything will be worth quiting for. It is quite expensive buying those spices unlike the other condiments, but I’m telling you – the foods are superb and promising in taste. 

Sauteed mushroom with rosemary and black pepper. Top with cheese and put on microwave for atleast a minute to melt the cheese on top. Viola! 💖

I don’t want to you to crave this late night. But this mushroom ala pobre I had for lunch last week was a superb! 👍👍👍

Must try! 💖


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